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 The Michael Support Circle, the ASA's major giving program, provides generous and on-going support for the work of anthroposophy in the United States.  Scroll down to learn more! 

The ASA strives to weave our movement together in spiritual and practical ways.  We support the strength and sustainability of our movement, and depend on the generous gifts of our friends and members to accomplish our shared goals.  

The Michael Support Circle was founded in 2008 by Ernst Katz and Torin Finser.  Their intention was to build a basis for financial and spiritual growth, providing inspiration for others to commit time and resources to our Society and our work together.

 We invite you to join the individual members and organizations whose gifts support the Anthroposophical Society  and our collective efforts in bringing Rudolf Steiner’s vision more fully into world, for the future of the world. Follow this link for more info and to see a list of our organizational members. 

We appreciate the generous support and interest from each member of the Michael Support Circle. It makes our collective work possible and serves to connect and build the anthroposophical movement in the United States.  We are striving to steward the resources so generously provided by the Society’s members to help us move sustainably and effectively into the future.  And we are so grateful.

With your help, the Anthroposophical Society provides opportunities for inward growth and the greater expression of anthroposophy in the world today.  The Michael Support Circle is your unique opportunity to lend long-term support to the work of the Society.  

Michael Support Circle gifts help the Society to grow in capacity and viability, providing the basis for increased membership, new learning opportunities, and greater community interaction and engagement. Michael Support Circle members pledge gifts of between $500 and $5000 per year for five or more years.

We invite you to become a part of the Michael Support Circle to:

  • Help lift the work of anthroposophy to a new level in the United States
  • Contribute to a sustainable Anthroposophical Society
  • Be eligible for discounts for programs and events
  • Receive a twice annual special update

Contact John Bloom at for further information. Thank you for your consideration!


Artwork © Laura St. James, used by permission