Recorded Access to The Riddle of Destiny: Exploring Rudolf Steiner's Mystery Dramas w/Marke Levene

02/18/2014 - 06/30/2014


Recorded Sessions now available for 

The Riddle of Destiny:

Exploring Rudolf Steiner's Four Mystery Dramas

with Marke Levene, presenter

Many people have expressed an interest in this popular webinar series but are unable to participate at the scheduled time.

We are happy to announce that all sessions are being recorded and can be viewed at a time convenient to each individual's schedule. We are re-opening registration for the recorded sessions. While the series is open to all, registration is required to access the recordings. Once you have registered, you will receive a link to the webpage where the recordings are posted.

As an additional resource, has posted an article on Theodora written by David Wood. The article was first published in New View. The expanded article can be found in the articles section of, or by clicking here.

This summer, August 8 - 17 in Spring Valley, NY, an opportunity will occur to experience all four of Rudolf Steiner's Mystery Dramas in English within the course of a nine-day festival of performance, exploration and study. Performed by the Threefold Mystery Drama Group under the direction of Barbara Renold, the festival is co-sponsored by the Threefold Educational Foundation and the Anthroposophical Society in America, with a generous grant fromthe Rudolf Steiner Charitable Trust.

To support this work, the Anthroposophical Society is sponsoring a webinar series to explore the biographical development of the main characters throughout all four dramas. Rudolf Steiner wrote these plays "not to give us many thoughts to further our understanding of anthroposophy, but to show us the transforming power of spiritual striving in individual lives, and especially the development in human relationships through an awareness of the forces of destiny."

The presenter for this series is Marke Levene. Marke has worked intensively with the Dramas since 1978. While living in England he performed with Portal Productions, which toured the Mystery Dramas from 1989 - 1995. This coming summer he will portray the character of Hilary.

Past sessions are available for listening, including an introduction to the Mystery Dramas and explorations on Johannes, Maria and Capesius.

Future sessions include:

April 15:   Strader

April 29:  Felix and Felicia

May 13:   Theodora, the Other Maria, Citizens

May 27:   Soul Forces, Spirit of the elements, the Double, the Spirit of Johannes' Youth

June 10:   Hilary, the Brotherhood

June 24:   Lucifer, Ahriman, the Guardian

July 8:   Conclusion




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