2024 Annual Conference

10/11/2024 01:00 PM - 10/14/2024 12:00 PM ET





The Verse for America
May our feeling penetrate
Into the center of our heart,
And seek, in love, to unite itself
With the human beings seeking the same goal,
With the spirit beings who, bearing grace,
Strengthening us from realms of light
And illuminating our love,
Are gazing down upon

Our earnest, heart-felt striving.
–Rudolf Steiner (1923)
Translation by F Heckel

Step into a Modern Esoteric Stream

 It is with great pleasure we invite you to the Annual Conference of the Anthroposophical Society in America, held this year in dynamic downtown Portland, Oregon, October 11 to 14, 2024.


Keynote speaker Marc Desaules, general secretary from Switzerland, steps into our theme with his opening address The Anthroposophical Society and Today’s Riddle of the Threshold on Friday, and America’s Contribution as Healing Response to the World Crises of our Time on Sunday, unfolded in the midst of premier anthroposophical arts and activity, including research projects of the School for Spiritual Science, an experience of the healing Metal Colored Light Therapy, performances by the Portland and Bay Area Eurythmy Ensembles, and more. We are also excited to announce the exhibit of Rik ten Cate’s replica of the original Foundation Stone at the conference, a beautiful double dodecahedron sculpted in copper, encasing pyrite crystals, a hallmark of this moment in the history of anthroposophy in the world.

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Friday, October 11 - Monday 14, October, 2024
The conference begins 4 pm Friday and ends at 12pm on Monday 

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Crowne Plaza Hotel Portland-Downtown
1441 NE 2nd Ave
Portland, OR 97232

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Free shuttle pick-up from the Portland International Airport (PDX) will be available by the Crowne Plaza Hotel Shuttle Service. 

The Crowne Plaza Hotel is situated in downtown Portland, the City of Roses, and offers beautiful city views, as well as views of stunning Mount Hood. There is much to see and do in the surrounding area, including hiking the Forest Park or Washington Park, visiting the International Rose Test Garden and Arboretum, strolling through the Portland Japanese Garden, touring the Pittock Mansion, and more! 


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Youth and Equity
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A ticket without meals includes access to all conference activities, coffee/tea and snacks throughout the weekend, and a Friday night reception with hors d'oeuvres. 
​​​​​​A ticket with meals includes all of the above plus lunch Saturday and Sunday, and dinner on Saturday. 

*You are welcome to choose this option if you are 35 and under, or if you are experiencing financial hardship. 
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Step into a Modern Esoteric Stream

Some one hundred years after Rudolf Steiner's last public address given on the eve of Michaelmas, 1924, we find ourselves asking this question: How do things stand with anthroposophy in the world?  And especially, here and now, how does anthroposophy live in the United States?  How would we like it to live?

For this year’s annual conference of the Anthroposophical Society in the United States we intend to put these questions in the context of Rudolf Steiner's insights about: The continent of North America prior to its rediscovery in the 15th century; the role of the U.S. after WWI; and the activity of prominent thinkers, both in this first century of anthroposophy in the world, and in the now, two and a half centuries since the founding of the US.  


Our main speaker is Marc Desaules, General Secretary of the Anthroposophical Society in Switzerland, whose initiative at L’Aubier in Neuchâtel and whose role with the Swiss Society give him a depth of understanding and a dynamic of lived experience that demonstrates how anthroposophy can move through the world like a flame, bringing warmth and light to human souls in the midst of contemporary culture.


We have chosen Portland, Oregon in the Pacific Northwest for this year’s conference because it supports an inner sense of how we might turn from the "far West" back toward the East  ~ when what is enkindled in the heart takes on form as a life path, receiving and achieving its fullest expression when it is shared with others seeking the same goal.


Keep up to date on all our offerings at anthroposophy.org/ASAPrograms

*This schedule is subject to minor changes and updates


             Friday 10/11

1:00pm     Class Lesson* (bring your Blue Card!)
Class Lesson Art Workshop  
3:30pm     Registration Open 
5:00pm     Evening Reception with hors d'oeuvres  
6:30pm     Opening & Welcome
                 with Timothy Kennedy and others 

                 Foundation Stone in Eurythmy
                 with Portland Eurythmy
7:45pm     Keynote- Marc Desaules
                 Verse for America

                 with Bay Area Eurythmy 


             Saturday 10/12
7:30am     Coffee/Tea & Morning Snack 
8:00am     Singing Workshop
9:00am     Morning Welcome
                 Verse for America
9:15am     Keynote - Mary Stewart Adams 
10:10am   Foundation Stone in Eurythmy
10:30am    Break 
10:45am    Discussion Groups 
11:30am    Workshops I  
1:00pm      Lunch (with Meal Ticket) 
2:00pm      Exhibits & Open Table
3:00pm      Workshops II  
4:30pm      Break 
4:45pm      Annual General Meeting of the ASA 
6:00pm      Dinner (with Meal Ticket) 
8:00pm      Eurythmy performances 
                  with Portland Eurythmy 
                  and Bay Area Eurythmy

*For members of the First Class 

             Sunday 10/13
7:30am      Coffee/Tea & Morning Snack 
8:00am      Speech Workshop
9:00am      Morning Welcome 
                  Michael Imagination
                  with Bay Area Eurythmy 

9:30am      Keynote- Marc Desaules  
10:30am    Break  
10:45am    Discussion Groups 
11:30am    Workshops III 
1:00pm      Lunch (with Meal Ticket
2:00pm      Exhibits & Open Table 
3:00pm      The School of Spiritual Science
                   and its Sections 
4:30pm      Groups and Branches 
5:30pm      Dinner - On your own 
8:00pm      Evening Program with 
                  the Anthroposophical Prison Outreach

             Monday 10/14
7:30am      Coffee/Tea & Morning Snack

8:00am      Eurythmy Workshop
9:00am      Morning Welcome 
                  Michael Imagination 
                  with Bay Area Eurythmy 
9:30am      Closing Panel
10:30am    Break 
10:45am    Closing  
11:30am    Foundation Stone in Eurythmy

12:00pm    Goodbyes       


Keynote:The Anthroposophical Society and Today’s Riddle of the Threshold ~ Marc Desaules
Keynote: America’s Contribution as Healing Response to the World Crises of our Time ~ Marc Desaules
A panel with the General Secretaries and Country Representatives from the US, Canada, Hawaii, & Switzerland 
Workshops on Threefold the Social Organism: We Can Start Here and Now!
with a look at L’Aubier and other initiatives with Marc Desaules 

Metal-Colored Light Therapy and the After Image with Helena Hurrell 
The Foundation Stone in Eurythmy and Earth: This Being Human with the Portland Eurythmy Ensemble
The Michael Imagination with The Bay Area Eurythmy Ensemble
An Evening with the Anthroposophical Prison Outreach 
And special guest workshop presentations on spiritual geography, biography, & more.

Featured Keynote:
Born in 1956 in Brig Switzerland, Marc Desaules is a physicist and entrepreneur,  and father of three, who now lives with his wife in Montezillon near Neuchâtel, Switzerland. In 1979, he founded L'Aubier, an eco-hotel and event space with its own biodynamic farm, cheese dairy, organic store, restaurant, and intergenerational eco-housing. L’Aubier hosts many groups each year for seminars, conferences, and trainings for young people.  Today, he is responsible for the center’s  finances and real estate. Marc is also the co-founder of CoOpera, a pension fund for companies, and was a longtime member of their board of trustees. Marc joined the Board of the Anthroposophical Society in Switzerland in 1994 and currently serves as treasurer and General Secretary.


Mary Stewart Adams has been General Secretary and President of the Anthroposophical Society in America since autumn, 2023.  She serves as a spokesperson for the Society and country representative in the international movement. For over twenty years, under the title of Star Lore Historian, Mary has worked as a dark skies advocate, to raise awareness about the effects of light pollution and to make known the mysteries of the starry skies from environmental, cultural, and anthroposophical perspectives. She first encountered the work of Rudolf Steiner at the age 18 in 1981, and met Hazel Straker, a pioneer in astrosophy, in 1996. These two destiny moments have shaped much of her life path, which, together with her education in literary arts, continue to inspire her work and research. She joined the School for Spiritual Science in 2000.

Christine Burke met anthroposophy in 1997 and immediately signed up for the Rudolf Steiner College San Francisco Waldorf Teacher Training. During a rich and art infused training, she met the anthroposophical speech arts. In 2001, Christine embarked on the 4 year, full-time Speech training in England. Before meeting anthroposophy, Christine completed an associate’s degree in Literature and a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics. After the Speech training, Christine earned a master’s degree in Communication Studies. In retrospect, a clear path of the Word – or to the Word – has been her life’s companion, along with a healthy dose of finding and creating community. Christine now teaches Communication Studies part time at her local Community College and teaches Sacred Speech Work in workshops around the globe, with private students, and at Kairos Institute.

Helena Hurrell is the director of the Helios Center, is trained in Metal Color Light Glass Therapy from the Lichtblick Atelier in Schwörstadt, Germany, and received a certificate approved by the Medical Section at the Goetheanum in 2013. She has also completed a master’s level therapeutic training at the Tobias School of Art and Therapy in the UK and is currently providing anthroposophic art and metal color light therapy to children and adults in Carbondale, Colorado. Helena has been working therapeutically with individuals and groups in the UK, Australia, and the USA since 1981.

Timothy Kennedy has been a part of anthroposophical communities throughout his life. He has sought to find an Anthroposophy of the will, and through steady practice, and a lot of grace, he is finding balance in his inner and outer work. He has led the largest natural building and design company in the US for 24 years, administrates the global Natural Building Network online, and has been in development on a 700 acre project integrating regenerative farming, ecological restoration, and healthy housing for 100+ humans. He recently joined the Western Regional Council of the Anthroposophical Society in America in hopes of furthering the life of Anthroposophia in the West.

Presenters and Exhibitions:

Performances by Portland Eurythmy and The Bay Area Eurythmy Ensemble

Anthroposophical Prison Outreach (APO), a non profit program, encourages incarcerated individuals to take responsibility for their lives. This is accomplished through the study of anthroposophical teachings, the practice of meditative exercises, meaningful reflection on their own biographies and the development of positive human relationships. 
Our goal is to help prisoners:

~ foster a harmonious inner life
~ leading to a balanced public/outer life
~ resulting in successful reintegration in community life

Portland Eurythmy is the collaborative effort of six local eurythmists, a pianist and a speaker who have come together to create performances through the art of eurythmy, a gestural language that brings a living expression to sound and tone and fills the dynamic space between performers and audience.
Check out the program for "Earth: This Being Human" - the Saturday evening performance by Portland Eurythymy 


The Foundation Stone, beautifully handcrafted by Rik ten Cate in honor of the centenary of the Christmas Conference. This copper double dodecahedron is on a world tour and we are pleased to announce that it will be on display at our annual conference in Portland, OR. 



Helena Hurrell will bring
Metal Color Light Therapy panals including this piece. Learn more about her work HERE






No refunds after September 10, 2024. 




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