Die and Become

01/30/2021 12:00 PM - 04/17/2021 01:30 PM ET


Photo by Katelyn LaGrega

Die and Become 

~ Bridging the Sacred Threshold ~

An Interactive Workshop Series with Linda Bergh and Jolie Hanna Luba 

We can each be a bridge, now and always

For our own soul in its journey, its confusion, its longing

For the living who are suffering in losing their known ways to be

For the beloved dead on their journey in the spirit world 

- Linda Bergh

Course Description:

Today’s world often disconnects and disenfranchises us from death, bringing fear and feelings of loss and separation. In the last century, birth and death were removed from the home and taken to the hospital. The distance from the home made death such a taboo that people are afraid to even talk about it.

However, Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual science along with Indigenous knowledge brings us into deeper connection with the spiritual world with those who have crossed the threshold and with our own life and death journey.

This series is an opportunity to make time in a safe space to explore the theme of death and dying. Sessions will focus on group participation and personal reflection. Sessions will be recorded but live attendance is preferred. Journey with us in community, we hope to see you there!

Course Details

Dates: Saturdays on January 30, February 27, March 27, April 17

Time:  12:00-1:30pm Eastern / 9:00-10:30 am Pacific 

Register: Click here to Register. Check confirmation email to finalize registration through Zoom. All sessions will be recorded and sent to participants within 24 hours of the live event (live participation is encouraged). 

Total Cost (Series of 4 sessions): Sliding scale $60-$100*

*If payment is a barrier please email programs@anthroposophy.org with requests for support. 

Course Overview:

Session 1 (January 30) : What is death? Expanding the intellectual concept of death and dying.
Discussions about different understandings/perspectives/cultures/approaches ~ Steiner's picture of circle of life and death, and after death ~  Work with an image of Nature (annual rhythm with seasons, daily rhythm polarity, Goethean observation of plants, flowers, seeds) ~ 

Session 2 (February 27) :  What is grief? Expressing the feeling life.
Sharing different kinds of losses, biographical encounters with death, loved ones who left ~ Holding the ambivalence of feeling sadness and feeling love ~ Acknowledging the end, that which is indeed not present, untangling from what is still there, and will always be  (Awareness of physical senses and the space in between) ~ The role of the arts in the grieving process ~ 

Session 3 (March 27) : What do I do now? Working with the will forces to move forward through fear towards aliveness.

Practicalities around the news of someone crossing the Threshold ~ Holding space for vigil during the first (three) days ~ Possibilities of home funeral, cremation, green burials, memorial and other services ~ How does consciousness around death and dying change my life and living? ~ Trusting destiny, biography and meaning of life ~ 

Session 4 (April 17) : How can I help those who crossed the Threshold? Integrating thinking, feeling, willing in service to others. 
Moving from one’s own reality of facing death of a loved one into the loved one's reality ~ Staying connected ~ Developing extra-sensory perception and understanding of how love is a strong bond ~ Feeling the bridge to those on the other side ~ Rituals of remembrance ~


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