Holy Nights 2021/2022: The Epic of Gilgamesh

12/24/2021 12:00 PM - 01/05/2022 12:30 PM ET



The Epic of Gilgamesh

Storytelling during the Holy Nights 2021-2022

Hosted by the Anthroposophical Society in America 

''The purpose of a story is to be an ax that breaks up the ice within us.'' ~ Franz Kafka


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All around the world the season of midwinter is the traditional time for community bonding through storytelling. In laying the groundwork for the 100-year anniversary of the Christmas Conference, we bring the ancient Sumerian saga “The Epic of Gilgamesh” to life. Rudolf Steiner explored this story in Occult History during the Holy Nights of 1910. He again explored the story during the lecture "World History in the Light of Anthroposophy" given those fateful Holy Nights in 1923 for the re-founding of the Society. 

The Epic of Gilgamesh is perhaps the oldest written tale on Earth. The Sumerian version dates from around 3000 B.C. Later it was compiled from 12 clay tablets written in Akkadian cuneiform. 

It is the “Hero’s Journey” of human evolution, a story of friendship, and a quest for the meaning of life - revealing Steiner’s core mission of bringing karma and reincarnation to the west. 

Myths, fairytales, historical epics, and sagas open us up to powerful archetypes behind the human condition, revealing clues to ourselves from the past, the present, and the future. What will we uncover about ourselves and each other during this year’s Holy Nights adventure in storytelling?

Join us for any or all of this dramatic reading, re-worked by Hazel Archer from various translations, and featuring friends from around the world.

What: The Epic of Gilgamesh: Story Telling During the Holy Nights hosted by the ASA, Hazel Archer, and friends around the country. 

Time: 22 minutes daily at 9 am PT / 10 am MT / 11 am CT / 12 pm ET / 5 pm UTC

Dates:  December 24, 2021- January 5, 2022 for 13 consecutive days  

Can't join us live? No problem. Each gathering will be recorded and posted on our Holy Nights page (link will be emailed upon registration).

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