A Whitsun Festival

05/29/2023 12:30 PM - 05/30/2023 01:45 PM ET


Bridging the Temple Between

The human being is a bridge between the past and the future.
The present is a moment-moment as bridge.
Spirit grown to soul in matter’s husk
comes from the past:
soul growing to spirit as seed encased
journeys toward the future.
Grasp future things through past ones:
hope for evolving things through what has evolved.
So grasp existence in evolving growth:
so grasp what will be in what exists.

~Rudolf Steiner

This Whitsun, let us bridge the temple between and celebrate our shared strivings towards the Spirit, in partnership with international anthroposophical communities around the world. The Anthroposophical Society in America (ASA) and the World Social Initiative Forum (WSIF) warmly invite you to a Zoom festival in which we will hear from five different anthroposophical organizations working internationally.

Rudolf Steiner spoke and wrote much about the Whitsun (from "White Sunday," also known as Pentacost).  Occuring on the 7th Sunday following Easter, Whitsun commemorates the moment when the Holy Spirit was received by the disciples of Christ in the New Testament.  Suddenly crowned with tongues of flame, the disciples are able to listen and speak in the language of the Spirit and bridge the cultural gaps that separate them from their brothers and sisters of the world.  Whitsun is a mystical fact of global awakening that we may reenact within our own lives. Inspired by this, we will gather and bear witness to our international community. 

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An online festival cohosted by the ASA and our friends at the WSIF will come into conversation with five organizations to hear how anthroposophy is thriving around the world. We welcome you to a conversation with:

Monday, May 29, at 9:30 am PT/12:30 pm ET/18:30 CET for 90 min
via Zoom*
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This event is a free offering.
Your donations will go towards supporting participating organizations

About the Initiatives:
Koberwitz 1924, Inc. 

The Philippines
The work of Koberwitz 1924 Inc. is a Mission of Peace that wants to help re-unite Man and Nature, Earth and Cosmos, Rich and Poor and people of all religions and beliefs. To positively influence the situation, to support sustainable development and to contribute to the healing of man and the planet, the following areas are being covered:

  • Bio-dynamic agriculture including the breeding and production of seeds, training, consulting and networking services, protection of forest and reforestation, research, development and application in the realms of life technologies, health and nutrition.
  • The founding and support of holistic schools, particularly Waldorf Schools, as well as support in the application of holistic aspects in existing schools.
  • Educational and training programs in various areas like the senses, health, medical self-help, medicine-making, various therapies.
  • Medical and therapeutic services, assistance in self-development.

Click here to learn more

The Kevin Rohan Memorial Eco Foundation 
The principles at the heart of KRMEF are centered around their vision for Kevin to become a holistic, biodynamic, and socially responsible individual. The projects at KRMEF are meant to provide others the opportunities that Kevin was never able to have, and has inspired us to launch the foundation as a center for teaching others. Though our various work in biodynamic agricultural methods, early childhood education, medical services and community development, we aim to be of service to Nepal’s neediest communities. By cooperating with villagers and sharing our support, we can bring about the positive and sustainable changes so needed in Nepal. Villagers can learn to develop their own eco-friendly practices that benefit themselves and their family so they may be the change in their own communities as well.Click here to learn more

East Africa Association of Steiner Waldorf Schools
The Rudolf Steiner School, Mbagathi is situated 20 km south of Nairobi on the Maasai plains, close to Nairobi National Park. We have four Kindergarten groups and primary classes. Our school offers the Steiner/Waldorf curriculum up to class eight with an added exam year where the children sit for the Kenyan Primary Certificate Exam (KCPE) exam. This allows our children to join secondary school. Our school is unique not just because it offers Steiner education but because its purpose is to help the financially challenged families through our sponsorship programme.

Our school conducts an In-house Teacher Training is open to other Waldorf/Steiner school teachers in East Africa who would like to attain either Primary or Kindergarten teaching diploma. All our teachers are required to obtain a Diploma in Waldorf/Steiner education.
Click here to learn more

Perito Moreno 
Our teachers are a self-managing pedagogical initiative, in which students, teachers and friends work together to germinate the seed of Waldorf Pedagogy wherever it is welcomed and increased. We seek to apply the following principles: equal rights and opportunities, cultural and ideological freedom, and economic fraternity.

We belong to the non-profit Educating Civil Association Luz del Sol, whose goal is to promote and disseminate the development of culture; this includes an education towards the health and harmony of our children and youth, men and women of the future.
Click here to learn more

LiT Forums~UK Forum
Worldwide, UKForum this summer in the UK
UK Forum is Action Research event in a Community of Practice .In-Person & Online Forum Hosted by the World Social Initiative Forum (WSIF) and Ruskin Mill Trust (RMT).
Leadership in Transformation (LiT Forums) is a weekly online program taking place through June, 2023 via Zoom. New Registration closes on March 7th with the first day of our 3rd Quarter.  LiT Forums will be followed by an optional conference July 25 - 30, 2023, simultaneously taking place online and in-person at Ruskin Mill Trust’s Field Center in Gloucester, UK.  Visit the UK2023 page for all the latest details.

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In partnership with the World Social Initiative Forum and 100: Speaking to the Future


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