Applied Anthroposophy Course 2021-2022

10/13/2021 - 05/25/2022



Emerge%20with%20us!(1).pngExploring the Alchemy of Applied Anthroposophy!

October 13, 2021 — May 25, 2022

“The butterfly you see is created out of light, but light had to first take up matter, form a case and be turned into threads inside the Chrysalis….”
Rudolf Steiner, October 8 1923




Join us as we explore big, essential questions together. 

What is contemporary culture asking for now?

What are you being called to bring to the world?

How will Anthroposophia assist you in the task?

AAC2 Full Program Includes:

  • Weekly engagement with anthroposophy in a community of collaborative learning.

  • Weekly Presentations or “Seed Series” covering the themes of Freedom & Love, Initiative & Service. Featuring presentations from individuals striving in specific areas within anthroposophy. All presentations will be recorded and available to participants.

  • Themed Chrysalis Groups: You have the opportunity to sign up for a diverse offering of meetings on a theme of your choice. You may register for as many themed groups as your personal schedule allows.

  • Free add-on options like a daily 15-minute online meditation practice on the Six Basic Exercises. More information here.

Visit for more course information.



Rates are for the full year’s tuition. Pay in full or choose to pay in monthly installments.

  • Standard Tuition Rate: $750

    - OR Pay Monthly: $190 first payment plus 6 monthly payments of $95

  • Supporter Tuition Rate: $900

    - OR Pay Monthly: $230 first payment plus 6 monthly payments of $115

     This tier is for those who are able to provide financial support to others in the program. We are so grateful for your generosity!

  • Youth Tuition Rate: $450 

         - OR Pay Monthly: $120 first payment plus 6 monthly payments of $55 

          This tier is for those under the age of 35 who wish to take this course and need financial assistance. 

  • Equity Tuition Rate: $450

    - OR Pay Monthly: $120 first payment plus 6 monthly payments of $55

     This tier reflects a reduced tuition rate for the BIPOC community, anyone who has lost their livelihood, is undergoing hardship, or lives in a country where the local currency is very low against the dollar. 


  • Weekly Presentations Only: $300

    - OR Pay Monthly: $80 first payment plus 6 monthly payments of $40.

    • Access to live Wednesday evening zoom presentations (4 pm Pacific / 7 pm Eastern). See Full Program Rates (above) to access themed Chrysalis Groups.

    • Every presentation will be recorded and archived to view at your own pace.


Register Here for Applied Anthroposophy! 

Donations are also gratefully accepted to help support this program. 

Visit APPLIEDANTHROPOSOPHY.ORG for more information about the course:

Course Elements


Themed Discussion Groups


Frequently Asked Questions


Refund Policy

Because your contributions make this program run and create this community, we have the following agreements in place.

No refunds are available for the Wednesdays Only registrations, any missed presentations, or Chrysalis Groups.

If you pay for the Full Program upfront and discover that you are unable to attend, you will receive a ⅔ payment refund up until November 4. After November 4, 2021, no refunds will be available.

If you are paying monthly and need to leave the program at any time, we ask that you consider making your monthly payments a tax-deductible donation to keep the program running. If you are unable to do this, we require one additional month of payment after your withdrawal.




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