100: Speaking to the Future

"When you have discovered the possibility that human souls wake up in the encounter with human souls, and human spirits wake up in the encounter with human spirits...go to anthroposophical groups with a living awareness that only now have you come awake and only now begin to grow together into an understanding of anthroposophy...Take anthroposophical ideas into an awakened soul rather than into an everyday soul asleep to higher things- then the true spirit of community descends upon the place where you are working.
~Rudolf Steiner, Awakening to Community, 27 February, 1923

Welcome, Dear Friends!

100 years ago, at the end of 1923, Rudolf Steiner presented the Foundation Stone as a ceremonial rite during the proceedings of the Christmas Conference, through which he re-founded the Anthroposophical Society (which had previously been established in December of 1912—more on this here). The esoteric nature of this conference, as well as the outer events surrounding it in history, have had their part in shaping the cultural life of humanity since that time, until we find ourselves here, 100 years later, with a potent sense of responsibility towards the future.

The significance of one hundred years of anthroposophy does not reveal itself all at once, but our hope is that with attention to specific touch points, we can awaken and situate ourselves in the present, mindful of how past and future weave through this moment in time.

This page is your touchstone for centenary-related events and materials. In no way is it exhaustive! There will be much activity all over the country and we will do our best to share these notifications through our e-news. Bookmark anthroposophy.org/100 as we will be updating this webpage throughout the year. Check back for details!

Materials and Recordings:

AGM 2023 Keynotes
Read  John Bloom's closing remarks
Read Fresh Beginnings, New Pathways
, Mary Stewart Adams' inaugural address

Awakening to Community
From January through March of 1923, Steiner gave a series of lectures in Dornach and Stuttgart collected under the title of Awakening to Community. These lectures provide a solid foundation for understanding anthroposophical community building and offer the possibility of creating a bridge from the tragedy of New Year's Eve 1922 to the spiritual deed of the Holy Nights 1923-1924. General and regional council members, event organizers and other volunteers have gathered to read and recorded each of these lectures. We offer these recordings in hopes of helping us each, in our own way, to Awaken to Community. 
Listen to the lectures now!

Ephemera: Of Immediate, rather than Fleeting, Interest
 We introduce a new column by Mary Stewart Adams, in our monthly e-news called "Ephemera,”  by which we mean the immediacy, rather than the fleeting nature, of its significance. Ephemera also means that this will serve as an asterisk, like a good star along the way. Here you will find information from Rudolf Steiner’s life and work, events of historical interest in anthroposophy and the wider world, as well as notable celestial events of the moment.
Read the February edition
Read the April edition 
Read the May edition

Read the June edition

Upcoming Events and Ongoing Events

Letters to Members: Giving Voice to Rudolf Steiner’s Letters
Join us to recall each of the 18 Letters to Members on the anniversary of their original release 100 years ago in 1924. They are short, clear, and impactful. Sign up to receive a recording, emailed to you, on the 100th anniversary of each letter.  We are sharing the introduction and the First Letter with no registration required.  Register Here to stay connected and receive all 18 recorded letters by email between now and August 10, 2024. 
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Centenary Events in the Network:

Regional Events Map
Ongoing~various locations 
Visit the community bulletin board map to see what in-person events are happening in branches and groups across the country. 
Do you have an event to share? Contact us at programs@anthroposophy.org for more information!.
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The Christmas Conference at 100~ in-person gatherings
Visit the map here

Past Events:

A Harmony of Hearts: Christmas Conference at 100
Learn more

Speaking to the Future: The Foundation Stone of Love-In person gathering in Spring Valley, NY
Learn more

A Home for Spirit: The Michaelic Impulse of the Schreinerei 
Learn more

Annual General Business Meeting (AGM)
Learn more

Awakening to the Word:
The Gospel of John

Learn more

Parzival and Feirefiz: Co-Creating a New Grail Mystery
 Learn more

Bridging the Temple Between: A Whitsun Festival 
Learn more

Becoming Together: The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily
Learn more

Anthroposophy Needs Diversity: In Conversation about Rudolf Steiner and Racism
Learn more

Approaching the Easter Mystery 2023
Learn more

Attending the Fire: An Invitation for Collective Attention, New Year's Eve 2022/23
Learn more about the event and download the resource packet

Past Events in our Network

Goetheanum Christmas Conference: Dass Gut Werde
December 26-30, 2023, Dornach, Switzerland
Click here to learn more

The Present Moment and the Way Forward
December 27- 31, Spring Valley, NY
Click here to learn more

Goetheanum World Conference
September 27-October 1, 2023, Dornach, Switzerland
Click here to learn more

Fire in the Temple
September, 2023, various East Coast locations
In Fire in the Temple, a new play by Glen Williamson, Rudolf Steiner joins with the Archangel Michaél to battle mysterious demons in 1923 Europe, as the Goetheanum has burned to the ground. 
Visit anthropostheater.com/Fire-in-the-Temple for more information.

That Good May Become: A Festival of Initiative
August 10-16, 2023, Manitoba, Canada
Click here to learn more

Keep up to date on all ASA events at anthroposophy.org/ASAPrograms!


The Christmas Conference Closing on January 1, 1924
Rudolf Steiner 

And so, my dear friends, bear out with you into the world your warm hearts in whose soil you have laid the Foundation Stone for the Anthroposophical Society, bear out with you your warm hearts in order to do work in the world that is strong in healing. Help will come to you because your heads will be enlightened by what you all now want to be able to direct in conscious willing. Let us today make this resolve with all our strength.
And we shall see that if we show ourselves to be worthy, then a good star will shine over that which is willed from here.
My dear friends, follow this good star.
We shall see whither the gods shall lead us
through the light of this star.

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