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January 16, 2021

Dear Members & Friends,

We have another very brief newsletter this time. Our print edition for winter-spring 20201 is working its way toward the printer and demanding full attention! We can tell you that it will feature a cover and gallery with sculpture and painting by Martina Angela Müller (an instllation picture below).

Martina Muller installation

“Well done, good and faithful servant.”
We are also sharing in the deep feelings around the departure of Gene Gollogly at 70 by a heart attack. This generous, spirited, and hugely productive man did wonders at SteinerBooks through a time of great transitions: first, a flood of second-hand books became available to order on the internet, then new books turned electronic, and finally in Steiner’s case so much became ubiquitous and free online. Yet fine new books, and e-books, and the Collected Works of Rudolf Steiner in English, have kept flowing.

Gene Gollogly

Gene was also a smart and caring voice in the Council of Anthroposophic Organizations which has done much to unify and strengthen the Steiner movement in North America. He had just stepped up to lead the council of the NYC branch. And we are hearing how he “was there” for so many people. So even as we sense his warm reception on a higher plane, we feel the pang of loss. — The team at SteinerBooks sent a tribute to “This Radiant Individuality” which we will include in a future print edition. And the Chicago Rudolf Steiner Branch has organized a celebration of life for the morning (9am Central Time) of January 23rd.


That fare-well leads very naturally into a link for the new interactive workshop series mentioned last time, “Die and Become ~ Bridging the Sacred Threshold ~ with Linda Bergh and Jolie Hanna Luba.” Details are now online for these four ninety-minute programs, Saturdays at noon ET, 9am PT, Jan 30, Feb 27, Mar 27, Apr 17.

Hands, heart, sun


Deb Abrahams-Dematte has a message about Courage and Strength for the Future, our 2020 end of year appeal. “We want to say thank you! We received 377 gifts from members and friends totalling $75,552, surpassing our $50,000 goal. We are humbled by and grateful for your support. Your gifts and interest bring the light of anthroposophy more deeply into the world. On behalf of the General Council, Leadership Team and staff, many thanks for your support.

Hands, heart, sun

Anthroposophy and Climate
— a ten-part colloquium online

We are sharing just one unusual and significant event this time. The Natural Science Section is pleased to offer to the English-speaking world presentations from the conference on Climate that was held at the Goetheanum in October 2020. On the fourth Saturday monthly, beginning February, online meetings will be themed around pre-recorded presentations from the October conference—originally delivered in German. A collaboration of carrying groups in the US and UK together with the Section leadership at the Goetheanum has made this translation work possible. We will begin with an online Presentation: Saturday, Jan. 30th 11 am PT, 2 pm ET, 7 pm GMT. 8 pm CET with Meinhard Simon's presentation Climate and the Human Being - a shared history under the responsibility of humanity today. See the schedule here. Register for this presentation here.

Hands, heart, sun

Thank you for reading, and be well!

John Beck
Editor, being human

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