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April 11, 2021

Dear Members & Friends,

There is a new podcast at The Anthroposopher:  “Elemental Appreciation,” with Harald Hoven in conversation with Laura Scappaticci. Harald explores our connection with the natural world and how we can appreciate and work with elemental nature beings. His deep wisdom comes from years of teaching and farming. Find out more about Harald’s work at bdanc.org, the Biodynamic Association of Northern California.

Speaking of that big western state, our photos this time come from early spring in Los Angeles, where even a subway station may have (ersatz) palm trees.

Los Angeles subway station with movie set decorations


Festivals have a distinct meaning in anthroposophy, being markers in that course of the year which is a spiraling path of awakening. Whitsun (or Pentecost, May 23rd this year) is a festival of flowering in nature, and of human beings realizing their higher capacities. The Western Regional Council of the ASA invites you to join them in a study exploring Rudolf Steiner’s lecture, “The Whitsuntide Festival, Its Place in the Study of Karma.” The program is free; any donations go towards supporting future programs.

The three study evenings will open with an artistic activity followed by a short seed talk. Sessions will be up to 90 minutes each time. This is a live program and will not be recorded.

Times:  Tuesdays at 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern. April 27: The Relationship Between the Human Being and the Cosmos; May 11: The Mysteries of Time and Space; May 25: Look upon Human Destiny. Sign up for this Whitsun study here.

trunk of a palm tree, old fronds cut off


The Foundation for Health Creation, an initiative of the anthroposophic medicine community, has a very useful new website. It includes a letter from John Bloom, ASA General Secretary: Reimagining Health and Wealth

“As young children, my brother and I would visit our grandmother at the home for the aged. She would look at us and say, even into her nineties, ‘If you are healthy, you are wealthy.’ ... To an immigrant who started afresh in a new country, who had to form community and learn a new language, having a decent life was more relevant than being rich.”

The site has areas for newsletters, articles (an extensive archive), videos, events, and petitions. There is also information on an upcoming free webinar, “How plant oils support relaxation, sleep and immunity.”

aloe plant


Peter Selg, MD, is a leader of the General Anthroposophical Section at the Goetheanum, a prolific author and well-known speaker, and moving force in the Ita Wegman Institut in Arlesheim near Dornach, Switzerland. Peter has allowed us to share the newsletter recently sent out to friends.

The cover letter begins: “We are sending you the correspondence and documents that were circulated this year to the members of the International Circle of Friends and Supporters of our institute and archive on the occasion of Ita Wegman’s 145th birthday (22 February 1876 – 4 March 1943) and the centenary of the Clinical-Therapeutic Institute she founded in Arlesheim in 1921. We have had the impression that it would be important to broaden the circle of recipients this year—in light of the Clinic’s centenary but also because Ita Wegman means a great deal to many people around the world, and her being and work can offer strength and courage for the future in difficult times—strength and courage we all need.”

wall of red flowers

being human ONLINE

The most recent print issue of being human is now online with this link, though it is not yet displaying in our full list of back issues. The articles are mostly available individually, in a smartphone-friendly format.


Up front in this issue is “A Sophia Mosaic,”  organized by Signe Eklund Schaefer, and there will be information emailed shortly about a new Sophia Community Circle starting in May and leading up to a Sophia Conference in 2022.

early spring succulents


Aug 11-15 will bring a much-anticipated conference, The Twelve Senses: Sensing Justice in the Encounter. “How do we encounter justice and foster a sense of responsibility as we navigate the realms of the self, the world, and our fellow human beings? How can a better understanding of the working of our twelve senses lead to insights that create a foundation for justice? ... This online conference will feature presenters from North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. If conditions permit, in-person participation will be offered on the campus of Threefold Educational Foundation in Chestnut Ridge, NY.”

Of related interest is the series of webinars offered last May and much appreciated: “Portals to Three Worlds: Sensing The Worlds Around, Within, and Between Us. An Overview of the 12 Senses” with Harlan Gilbert; “The Social Senses” with Joan Sleigh; and “How the Senses Develop in the Early Years of Life” with Jane Swayne. You can obtain the recordings in our store.

LA afternoon skyline in March

Thank you for reading and viewing, and may we all be wakeful and be well!

John Beck
Editor, being human

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