The Sacred Gateway - 2018 webinar series

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The Sacred Gateway Webinar Recordings

With Rev. Julia Poulter, Karen Van Vuuren, Lynn Stull, and Maureen Flannery.

Dear death is a doorway
From night into light,
From weight to the height,
From search into sight ~
A heart-guarded archway
From earth to new birth.
— Arvia MacKaye Ege

#1. January 10, 2018: Rev. Julia Poulter offers an introduction to the anthroposophical understanding of the journey through the threshold.
>> PowerPoint of slides, a PDF with a list of Steiner lectures that include the topic of the moment of death, video and audio recording links.

#2. February 7, 2018: Karen Van Vuuren discusses the natural death movement, the home vigil as an alternative, and how deepening your personal understanding of death is critical to helping others who are crossing.
>> PowerPoint of slides, video and audio recording links, link to Natural Transitions magazine/website.

#3. February 28, 2018: Lynn Stull discusses communicating with our loved ones who have crossed over, with poetry by Maureen Flannery.
>> PowerPoint os slides, video and audio recording links.

The Sacred Gateway webinar series is offered through the Anthroposophical Society in America.
It precedes and prepares the Sacred Gateway Conference in April 2018, in Sacramento, California

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