Healing Forces, Anthroposophic Med, 3-parts

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Healing Forces
A Webinar Series with Dr. Adam Blanning, Dr. Carmen Hering, Elizabeth Sustick RN, and Dr. Steven Johnson

This packet includes recordings of the following sessions covering concepts of warmth, the value of fevers, the healing properties of the lemon, and the seven life processes.

Warmth as a Healing Force, Dr. Adam Blanning, recorded Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Warmth plays a very special role in the healing process. We will trace diverse ways warmth can work as a developmental catalyst on physical, social, emotional, & spiritual levels, and how this can be explained through an anthroposophic understanding of the human being.

Nature’s Gifts: Natural approaches to fever, with Elizabeth Sustick, RN & Dr. Carmen Hering, recorded Wednesday, June 27, 2018
Fever can be an important ally for growth and healing. Through fever, warmth activates the immune system to defend and detoxify itself. We will explore the qualities of lemon and how it can be used to help the body redistribute and harmonize these warmth processes.

The Metamorphosis of Our Life Processes through Body, Soul, and Spirit, with Dr. Steven Johnson, recorded Wednesday, July 11, 2018
Both modern science and Rudolf Steiner speak of seven life processes as the foundation of healthy life. We will explore the “phases” of metamorphosis these life processes undertake in the course of our human life to support a healthy integration of body, mind and spirit.

Adam Blanning, MD practices anthroposophic family medicine in Denver, Colorado. He works with many individuals and families to find healing paths for chronic developmental, medical and emotional challenges. He is board president of the Association for Anthroposophic Medicine and Therapies in America (AAMTA.org) and directs the physicians’ training programs in Anthroposophic Medicine (AnthroposophicMedicine.org).

Carmen Hering, DO practices anthroposophic and osteopathic family medicine in Berkeley, California. She works with patients of all ages for acute and chronic illness and specializes in childhood development. She trains medical students and residents in her office, serves as faculty for the Bay Area Waldorf Teacher Training (bacwtt.org) and the physician training program for anthroposophic medicine in the US (AnthroposophicMedicine.org).

Elizabeth Sustick, RN is an Anthroposophic Nurse Specialist, dedicated to the art of caregiving and an educator and coworker in the Medical Section. She has joyfully accompanied and advocated the Waldorf Early Childhood work as a parent, grandparent, Waldorf school board member and Early Childhood teacher. Elizabeth serves on the board of Anthroposophic Medicine and Therapies in NA (AAMTA), The International Council of Anthroposphic Nurses Associations (ICANA), and the Anthroposophic Nurses Association of America. (NAANA).

Dr. Steven M Johnson, DO is trained in Internal Medicine and currently specializing in the area of preventative health, musculoskeletal disorders and chronic or challenging medical disorders including cancer support. He is currently president of the Physicians Association of Anthroposophic Medicine (www.paam.net) and active as both a teacher and consultant in several areas of anthroposphic medicine and integrative health. He is currently founding a new public health alliance to help re-define preventative health.

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