Create a Compass Rose of Wind & Stars

Type: Webinar


Create a Compass Rose

Join star lore historian Mary Stewart Adams and her sister artist Patricia DeLisa to create a compass rose as they share the celestial highlights of the new year.

Tune into the celestial events of 2019, including the total eclipse of the moon visible all over North America on January 20-21, and create your every own compass rose of wind and stars. Joining the roses of wind and stars is a beautiful way to celebrate the new year artistically and contemplatively!

On historical navigation maps, a “compass rose” usually appears as an 8-pointed star used to indicate the cardinal and ordinal directions. On a ship’s compass, these points were named for the wind that came from that direction. The sidereal compass rose, or “rose of stars” on the other hand, marked 32 compass points, based on certain stars as they rose and set in the sky. This type of compass originated with the nomadic tribes of the Middle East, who traveled through the desert lands gleaning their direction from the stars, rather than as sailors did, by making best use of prevailing winds. —Mary Adams

Mary and Patricia have worked for many years researching the relationship between the constellations of the zodiac, the Twelve Virtues, the New Images of the Zodiac, and the Holy Nights, through workshops and artistic design both within and beyond the Anthroposophical Community.

Recorded Wednesday, January 16, 2019

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