Origin of All Souls with Hazel Archer-Ginsberg

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Origins of All Souls

with Hazel Archer-GInsberg

At the time of ‘All Souls’ we stand at the Cross Quarter between Autumn Equinox & Winter Solstice; a time when great transformations are possible. In the realities that Spiritual Science brings us, we glean the importance of working with the ‘so-called dead’ and the angelic worlds, for our own and their development, as well as for the future evolution of the Earth.
Recorded October 30, 2019

Hazel is a Spiritual Midwife, working in an eclectic non-denominational style that inspires connections, encompassing yet transcending all cultural expressions; Initiating us into the magic waiting to be revealed in the cycle of the seasons, where the laws of nature & the beings of the cosmos unveil themselves, & become manifest in our everyday lives. The circle of life has brought Hazel back to Chicago-land to spark intuitive empowerment through the Anthroposophical Festivals. Visit Hazel's website ReverseRitual.com

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