Counterbalancing Technology - Andrew Linnell

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Refined Breathing and the Counterbalances Needed for Our Technological Age

Being Present and Healthy in our Cultural Age with Andrew Linnell

This packet includes a recording of this webinar.

Steiner’s last letter to members (GA 26, The Michael Mystery) spoke about how technology based on an incorrect concept of electricity has the ability to pull individuals into sub-nature. While this must happen, we must find counterbalances that pull us equally into super-nature. This presentation will survey some and then focus on one in particular, namely the New Yoga Steiner called “refined breathing”. This may have been his greatest, unfinished gift.

- How might living thinking be connected with refined breathing? 
- Ancient yoga brought breathing under control - how can this new yoga bring breathing of Light under control?

Andrew Linnell is the author of several books on art history, religious history, and the future of technology including a series of guidebooks for MysTech study groups. A graduate of the University of Michigan (MSE '73), his professional career was in the computer industry where he was a CTO and VP. His studies included Emerson College, Sussex, England. He is a member of the Anthroposophical Society since 1979 and past president of the Boston Branch. He is co-founder of MysTech and

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