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Sophia Rising: Unveiling the Wisdom of Being Human

Conference keynote recordings

FRIDAY, April 22

Encountering the Celestial Goddess Anthroposophia
with Mary Stewart Adams

SATURDAY, April 23

The Virgin of Guadalupe: Sophia Rising in the Americas
with Stephanie Georgieff

The Virgin of Guadalupe is one of the first recorded apparitions in the Americas. Revealing herself to a Nahuatl Native and ultimately to the Bishop of New Spain and his entourage in December of 1531, this image has continued to inspire countless souls for nearly 500 years. The symbolism and timing of her appearance presents deep mysteries for our age, and points to the ultimate Sophianic impulse for the present and future of Humanity.
Resources from Stephanie Georgieff are included, with Slides, Stars of Guadalupe 1 & 2

SUNDAY, April 24

WEAVING FIRE with Carrie Schuchardt


Mary Stewart Adams is a Star Lore Historian and host of website and weekly public radio program and podcast “The Storyteller’s Night Sky”.  Through her research in spiritual science and her education in literary arts, Mary has developed a unique, humanities-based approach to understanding our relationship with the stars.  Her work is further augmented by an extensive knowledge of ancient mythologies and fairy tales, which she relates to the research and ideas of contemporary astronomy in order to understand the new star wisdom of astrosophy.

Stephanie Georgieff, MS is an author, podcaster and pilgrim. Residing mostly in the Northern Hemisphere, she has written several books on The Divine Feminine as presented through the genre of The Black Madonna, The Virgin of Guadalupe, and The Divine Sophia. She has spoken at conferences and venues throughout North America, the United Kingdom and Europe. The Black Madonna Speaks is her latest endeavor, a weekly podcast exploring the mysteries of The Black Madonna from an anthroposophical and esoteric Christian perspective, along with artists, poets, authors and scholars on the subject.

Carrie Schuchardt has lived and worked with refugees since 1980, first during her 15 years as a life-sharer at Camphill Village (Kimberton, PA) and then as co-founder and director of the House of Peace (Ipswich, MA). In 1990, together with her husband John, she established this small therapeutic community where refugees uprooted by war receive physical shelter and spiritual refuge in community with adults with special needs, who are at the core of the hospitatlity offered by the House of Peace. Carrie has been connected with the theme of Sophia throughout her many years of anthroposophical work.

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