Meeting Rudolf Steiner

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Meeting Rudolf Steiner


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Selected and introduced by Joan Almon, founding executive director of the Alliance for Childhood and former general secretary of the Anthroposophical Society in America.
Meeting Rudolf Steiner presents what it was like to live and work with Steiner through the remembrances of his friends and associates, including the great Russian novelist Andrei Bely, humanitarian Albert Schweitzer, conductor Bruno Walter, poet Arvia MacKay Ege, eurythmist Lisa Monges and others.

FOREWORD: Robert McDermott, Series Editor

This slim but significant volume rescues from early issues of the Journal for Anthroposophy writings on the individuality and influence of Rudolf Steiner. With an introduction by Joan Almon, co-general secretary of the Anthroposophical Society, these writings are here reprinted in order to allow readers in the early 21st century to meet Rudolf Steiner through memoirs written by those who knew him.

From the Introduction - Joan Almon

This volume of the Classics series of the Journal for Anthroposophy focuses on Rudolf Steiner in a very direct way through the memories of those who knew him. These authors share with us rich experiences and warm insights about the man and his work, especially some of the high points of his life—the way he guided the building of the first Goetheanum, for instance, and how he responded to the terrible fire that destroyed it. What emerges from their writings is a portrait of a man of great courage, and of warmth and of humor, whose mission was to help humanity develop a new science of the spirit. He shared a profound understanding of the spiritual world and how such an understanding could be developed to bring about renewal in many spheres of life, including meditative work, the arts and sciences, education, agriculture, and medicine. Through his spiritual teaching and esoteric research called Anthroposophy and the founding of the Anthroposophical Society he developed an approach that has been applied by many thousands of individuals, in many cultures, and in many diverse spheres of life. It continues to grow and expand and has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands—perhaps millions—of individuals around the world.


Robert McDermott — Foreword
Joan Almon — Introduction
Bruno Walter — My Way to Anthroposophy
Albert Schweitzer — My Meeting with Rudolf Steiner
Andrei Biely — The Man, Rudolf Steiner
Sonia Tomara Clark and Jeanette Eaton — Glimpses of the Building of the First Goetheanum and the Start of the World War
Lisa Dreher Monges — A Student’s Memories of Rudolf Steiner
Arvia MacKaye Ege — Impressions of a Young American Student
Arvia MacKaye Ege — The Experience of the Christmas


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