Revisioning Society & Culture

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Revisioning Society & Culture


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This volume is selected and introduced by  Douglas Sloan, PhD, professor of history and education emeritus at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Throughout his life, Rudolf Steiner stressed repeatedly that the most crucial task facing the modern human being is that of transforming our dominant ways of knowing the world. This emphasis is the red thread that runs through and connects all of Rudolf Steiner’s writings, lectures, artistic work, and practical endeavors.

In his introduction to this important collection of articles, Douglas Sloan reflects further on the pressing urgency of our developing capacities for knowledge of the qualities of the world – life, beauty, meaning, value, selves, spirit – not only for a rich, meaningful human society and culture but also for the future of the earth.


Douglas Sloan — Introduction
Georg Kühlewind — Michael—Spirit of the Times
Adeline Bianchi — Toward Meeting Evil with Consciousness
Diether Rudloff — Joseph Beuys—The Protest Against Materialism’s Deformed Image of Man
Rex Raab — The Survival of Architecture
Cornelius Pietzner — The Spiritual Heart of Service: Self-Development and the Thinking Heart
Christopher Schaefer — Working Together as an Aspect of Inner Development
Clopper Almon — Ideas that Destroyed Russia and Ideas that Can Rebuild
Herbert Witzenmann — From Consumer to Producer in the Spiritual Sphere
Herbert Koepf — The Biodynamic Movement in Our Time
Virginia Sease — Choosing America as a Place for Incarnation or Immigration in the 20th century


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