Mani & Service (Robert Sardello)

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Mani and Service


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This volume is selected and introduced by  Robert Sardello, PhD, co-founder of the School of Spiritual Psychology.

The active work done by dedicated people engaged with anthroposophy in America is really astounding. Besides the more well-known endeavors of Waldorf education, medicine, agriculture, and the arts, people are devotedly working with the homeless, doing research with water, implementing composting procedures for large companies, establishing sanctuaries and ongoing research with bees, working with gangs, the elderly, adult education, establishing new forms of banking, re-visioning philanthropy, and publishing. There are two colleges, innumerable reading groups throughout the country, work with the new form of relating with the stars—astrosophy, biography work, eurythmy performance groups, speech training, therapeutic eurythmy, therapeutic music, architecture, anthroposophical medicines, biodynamic wineries, work with people with special needs, caring for the dying, and many, many other endeavors. While the indications for ways of doing such service out of a new, practical spiritual science come from the overwhelming gifts of Rudolf Steiner, there is continual need for inner development on the part of the practitioners. None of the work is in the realm of technological innovation; all of it requires presence to one’s soul life as the medium through which others can be served in truly creative and spiritual ways. Rudolf Steiner was deeply aware, even inwardly present to the actuality of the spiritual tradition inspiring the act of serving. The individual known as Mani and the spiritual streams flowing from Mani—the Cathars, the Templars, and others—held the special task of spiritualizing serving itself. Spiritualizing serving means that the spiritual worlds become the conscious wholeness out of which being able to be of help to others occurs. Without the capacities to know what this wholeness is like and how to develop it, all of the activities of service can fall into mere functionality. This series of articles previously published in the Journal for Anthroposophy give a beginning picture of the spiritual stream of Mani that Rudolf Steiner held with such great respect. Besides entering into the Mani cosmology and practices, now long forgotten, but holding seeds for the future, the kind of inner capacities inspired by this stream that have to do with serving others, caring for the wounded soul, being able to help others while completely releasing the need for a sense of personal power in doing so, and working through the heart, are all presented here, together, for the first time. — Robert Sardello


Robert Sardello — Introduction: Anthroposophy and the Spiritual Stream of Mani
A. J. Welburn — The Genius of Mani
A. J. Welburn — Manichaean Writings
Rudolf Steiner — The Cosmic Christ, from a Christmas Lecture
Thomas Poplawski — Alcohol, the Family, and the Wound
Hilmar Moore — The Listening Space: A Conversation with Alan Lovett
David Pellegrino — Love in Action though Interest, Empathy, Caring and Kindness
Albert Steffen — Three Poems
Déodat Roché — The Cathars and the Platonists of the School of Chartres
Christopher Schaefer — Working Together as an Aspect of Inner Development
Déodat Roché — Two Cathar Tales: The King of the Crows; The Man of All Colors.


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