Approaching the Easter Mystery

Type: Webinar


Each year, the mystery of Easter renews itself and restores new meaning within the course of the cycle of the year. How we behold and witness this mystery is up to us. Moving through this transformative time is an individual process- and yet the pillar of community is a strengthening force to help guide and hold what wishes to unfold.
Join us for a diverse program where we will share ideas and inspirations for your own introspective journey through Easter. This program will offer opportunities both online and offline between March 30 and April 13 as we pass through the first full moon after the Vernal Equinox. 

This PDF includes 3 video lectures:
Stan Posey speaks about the Steiner's biography in light of an astrosophical perspective of his death chart
Mary Stewart Adams speaks about The Role of the Moon in the Spiritual New Year at Eastertide
and Svava Carlsen speaks about the time after Easter as we move towards Whitsun.

The PDF also includes 8 resource pages for the days of Holy Week including daily readings from Emil Bock's The Three Years, and art selections.

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