Anthroposophy Needs Diversity ~ A Conversation

Type: Webinar


Anthroposophy has its origins in Europe in the early 1900s- and, since then, has inspired and touched people all over the world. Over a century later, what are the questions we need to be asking to understand how anthroposphy meets the world today? Specifically, how does anthroposophy meet the cultural landscape and soul of North America? Inclusion, multiculturalism, and the strength of many voices will help to renew anthroposophy and ensure its longevity into the future. How do we host important conversations with others and explore these questions for ourselves? 

We invite you to add your voice to this program by collecting your questions surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion in the field of anthroposophy. See below for those questions, and answer them in the registration process!

This PDF packet includes:

  • Course resouces
  • The videos:
    • Session 1: 60 minute pre-recorded session with our four resenters: Cory Eichman, Jayme Oates, Lynn Turner, and Leslie Wetzonis Woolverton
    • Session 2:  90 minute live session with the presenters with participant Q&A time.

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