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Communications Update

Dear John,

Since travel to gatherings will generally not be an issue for this summer’s events, do consider your many options, even if it’s at the last minute. And for an interesting evening, local groups and branches have been holding webinars in addition to those organized regionally and nationally. The wealth of insight in our larger community is on display. Many of these events, if I hear about them in time, will be in our calendar (anthroposophy.org/calendar).

One remarkable program that will go forward in natural space is the new M.C. Richards Program, a nine-month residential program for young adults starting at the end of August. There is room for a few more participants, so check it out: (www.freecolumbia.org/m-c-richards-program)

Here I want to thank and focus on the advertisers from our spring issue who help make our publication being human possible. We are grateful for their support and appreciate the difficulty of radical changes in arrangements! If you have questions or cannot locate the contact information, feel free to email me at editor@anthroposophy.org.

The ASA’s Sacred Gateway Conference
was a real success story as, early in the shutdown, it transformed into our first online conference. Fortunately this means that you can have the experience now or in the future. Though serious in tone, this was an uplifting event, like the two previous face-to-face gatherings. Visit our store for the full conference, with member discount, or the three outstanding keynotes, or a collection including prior years’ webinar series.

The Christian Community Ask Seek Knock
conference, planned with much energy for June in Atlanta, is listed as canceled, not postponed, though something seems likely in the not too distant future.

Center for Anthroposophy - Renewal 2020 Online
. Obviously the beautiful New Hampshire summer setting will be missed, but many of the planned offerings have been organized for online presentation. There are the usual two weeks, each with its offerings. And lectures by Michaela Glöckler & Christof Wiechert will be recorded and may be pre-ordered. Full details are here. (www.centerforanthroposophy.org/programs/renewal-courses/)

Week 1 Online Offering June 28 – July 3:

Individual programs on teaching each grade, 1-8.
Grade 1: Once Upon A Time. . . with Lori Kran;
Grade 2: From Form to Solid Foundation, with Michael Gannon;
Grade 3: Becoming a Steward of the Earth-- Awakening to Self and Surroundings  with Kris Ritz;
Grade 4: Celebrating the Earth--Hearing the Voices of our Elders, Reclaiming the Sacred with Angela Lindstrom;
Grade 5: The Golden Age--Feet Upon the Ground, Gaze Toward the Heavens with Jen Kershaw;
Grade 6: From Romans to Romance with Phil Fertey;
Grade 7: A Year of Awakening and Exploring  with Alison Henry;
Grade 8: From Revolutions to a Free Society with Jennifer Chace and Lynn Thurrell.
Support Faculty in the Arts & Sciences: Meg Chittenden—Singing; Leonore Russell—Eurythmy; Roberto Trostli—Physics. Guest Lecturer Christof Wiechert will offer the keynote and closing addresses live from Holland and one pre-recorded lecture in Week 1.

Week 2 Online Offering July 5 – July 10:

The Heart of our Spiritual Mission: Historical Beginnings, Healing Impulses, and the Call of Destiny with Michaela Glöckler;
Strengthening Our Destiny Vessel: Biography Life Cycle Work in the Time of Consciousness Soul with Linda Bergh and Jennifer Fox;
The Inner Path to Living Knowledge of Earth and Humanity in Light of Climate Change with Karsten Massei;
Deepening Waldorf Education: Meeting and Understanding Every Child in Our Care through Active Work with the Curative Education Lectures with Robyn Brown;
Living Thinking: Rudolf Steiner’s Philosophy of Freedom with Michael D’Aleo;
Waldorf 101: A Course for Early Childhood and Grades Assistants, Parents, Grandparents, Board Members, and Friends of Waldorf Education with Signe Motter and CfA Staff and Senior Faculty.
Week 2 Extra Details: Opening Keynote Address and Mid-Week Lecture: Michaela Gloeckler. Support Faculty: Leonore Russell, Meg Chittenden, Karine Munk Finser, Torin Finser, Douglas Gerwin, Milan Daler. Closing & Goodbye to Renewal Online 2020: Karine Munk Finser and Douglas Gerwin.

Gradalis Teacher Education.
Due to COVID-19, all teacher education programs will be delivered online. Gradalis stewards and instructors are prepared to offer quality teacher education this summer via distance learning. Contact Gradalis via their website at gradalis.edu


Sunbridge Institute
Introducing Summer Series 2020: Live From Home. Start your Waldorf early childhood or elementary teacher education this summer in a real-time virtual classroom.

Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training
Questions about the Summer Program, contact tiffany@bacwtt.org


Living Anthroposophy Together — This is still listed on the Kirkridge website, but has been postponed until 2021, with an online offering possible this year.

CFAE including MysTech
. “Visit our new website at CFAE.US” The Center for Anthroposophical Endeavors offers a wide range of opportunities: education, social, investment, the Rudolf Steiner Bookstore, and the MysTech program on the Mysteries of Technology with journal, social space, and webinars.

Ruskin Mills Land Trust
 (rmlt.org.uk) had advertised a conference and a training.
NEURODiVERSiTY a living conference CRAFTING CONNECTIONS has been postponed to 2021.
For "The Pedagogical Potential of Craftwork," an intensive craft course using “practical skills therapeutic education,” contact info@rmlt.org.uk


Goetheanum Anthroposophical Studies
 (studium-goetheanum.org/foldersen) has postponed the start of the program to January 2021.

Odyssey tours
– contact Gillian Schoemaker gillianschoemaker@gmail.com 610.455.2040 about these fine small group tours.

Eurythmy Spring Valley
www.eurythmy.org Programs listed for August are still possible; contact (845) 352-5020, ext. 113, or email info@eurythmy.org for updates.

Pacific Eurythmy
 (PacificEurythmy.com) Contact PacificEurythmy@gmail.com for information on programs and trainings.

Steiner Health
in Ann Arbor, MI (steinerhealth.org/beinghuman) – visit the website for schedule of intensive health retreats, supervised fasting, and liver detox weekends.

Association for Anthroposophic Psychology
(anthroposophicpsychology.org) AAP will have a new series of programs starting April 2021.

Lightforms Art Center
in Hudson, NY (www.lightformsartcenter.com) This new center opened in late 2019, and is now temporarily closed during its Hilma af Klint exhibit. But go enjoy the videos at the website.

Other advertisers who do not offer events: 

Dr. Alicia Marroquin
- mentor, counseling by telephone tel. 360.473.7777 alicia@bluepearlarts.com


The Rosenhart book series
 - www.bluepearlarts.com, also alicia@bluepearlarts.com


Camphill Village Minnesota
has been closed to visitors, but check out a beautiful video on their site: www.camphillmn.org


Arista Advisory Group
, www.aristaadv.com offers “values-centered financial planning.” Please mention “being human” when you contact them at info@aristaadv.com  


I hope you find something to engage with here—and don’t forget the option of good books that keep appearing at SteinerBooks.org and other publishers!

Also our new newsletter, announce many weeks ago, will debut in a few days.

Kind regards, and be safe...

John Beck, editor, being human


PS - Don’t forget ASA Webinars & Podcasts: go to anthroposophy.org/webinars and anthroposophy.org/podcast

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