Meditation & Spiritual Perception [Classics #10]

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JOURNAL FOR ANTHROPOSOPHY #84 (vol. #10 of the special editions) 

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Meditation & Spiritual Perception, edited and introduced by Gertrude Reif Hughes.

Meditative Life Today
At this time in Western history, anyone can meditate. Steiner frequently reminded the audiences at his lectures and tirelessly described for his readers how human souls were once so embedded in the creativity of the spiritual worlds that it was their physical surroundings, not their spiritual origins, which were unfamiliar to them. Thanks to the evolution of consciousness in our souls, our souls feel fully at home in the physical world but in the process we have lost our capacity to recognize the scope and nature of spirit existence. Perhaps not all human beings feel the loss yet. But humanity does have the longing and potential to turn the soul toward spirit powers that sleep in us, and toward spirit beings who await our efforts with an expectant interest. (From the introduction by Gertrude Reif Hughes.)

Meditation & Spiritual Perception includes fourteen articles of a very wide range. The introduction addresses:
"Meditative Life Today,"
"Meditation in the Soul and in the 'I',"
"Meditation as Praxis and Devotion,"
"Focusing: the Main Praxis,"
"The Devotional Aspect of Praxis," and
"The Threefold Nature of Both Meditation and the 'I'."


  • Tyson Anderson: Reading of the Heart: "Spiritual Science" and the Origins of Christianity
  • Robert Galbreath: Traditional and Modern Elements in the Occultism of Rudolf Steiner
  • Gary Lachman: Rudolf Steiner, Jean Gebser and the Evolution of Consciousness
  • Magda Lissau, Kurt Nelson, and Rick Spaulding: The Christian Path of Edgar Cayce: A Possible Aspect of Michael's Activity in America
  • Karl Ernst Schaefer: Emergence of Ethical Individualism in Science and Medicine
  • Mark E. Smith: "Simplicity's" Contribution to a Threefold Society
  • Albert Steffen: Meeting with the Dead
  • Tadea Gottlieb: Review of Our Relationship to Those Who Have Died
  • Danilla Rettig: Review of Jacques Lusseyran's And There Was Light
  • Alan Howard: I Think; Yet Not I ...
  • Raphael Grosse Kleinmann: A Meditation on Inner and Outer Peace
  • Paul Eugen Schiller: The Path of Initiation for the Present Day
  • Hermann Poppelbaum: The Dignity of the Earth
  • Rudolf Steiner: Words on Trust and Faithfulness

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