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The Spirit of Money: Three Recorded Webinars

With Gary Lamb, Kelley Buhles, Stephanie Rynas, and John Bloom.
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#1. May 25: Steinerian Economics with Gary Lamb
Presented by Gary Lamb, co-director of the Hawthorne Valley Center for Social Research and the Avalon
Initiative, an educational think tank. Topics: Social and antisocial forces. The fundamental social law. The
threefold organism. Economic science and economic values. Interplay between cultural and economic life.
#2. June 15: The Three Types of Money— Kelley Buhles, Stephanie Rynas
Join Kelley Buhles of RSF Social Finance and Stephanie Rynas from the Association of
Waldorf Schools of North America as we explore: What are the three types of money? What are the
characteristics of each of them? How do the three types affect the practical life of an organization?
#3. July 6: Money and Biography with John Bloom
John Bloom is General Secretary of the ASA and Vice President of Organizational Culture at RSF Social Finance.
Without exploring our unconscious money and life patterns—inherited, environmental, or as part of our destiny
paths—we risk replicating old behavior even as we try to create or be part of the next economy. As we work in
organizations, our personal money stories also play out and are part of the organizational field while we try to
operate effectively on behalf of the organization’s purpose.

The Spirit of Money series is offered through the Anthroposophical Society in America
and is sponsored by the Council for Anthroposophical Organizations (CAO).

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