The Art of Human Becoming - three-part series

Type: Webinar
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The Art of Human Becoming 2017 Webinar Recordings

“To contemplate the destinies of human beings
with reverence and awe — that is something our
times demand of us.” — Rudolf Steiner

A three-part webinar series on Biography and Social Art.
Recorded video, audio, and beautiful slide presentations.

Join us for self-exploration and community building sessions with biography practioners Kathleen Bowen, Patricia Rubano, Leah Walker, Sarah Putnam, Linda Bergh, and Jennifer Fox.

#1. October 4th, 2017, with Patricia Rubano and Kathleen Bowen
This first session will give an overview of biography and social art, and allow participants to experience some engaging biography actitivies for expanding our understanding of ourselves and each other.
#2. October 25, 2017, with Leah Walker and Sarah Putnam
In this session we will look at polarities, consider the forces that confront us within and without, and explore ways to strengthen our sense of self in order to recognize and transform these forces as a task of our time.
#3. November 15th, 2017, with Linda Bergh and Jennifer Fox
Exploration of seven year and other rhythmic life cycles can help us remember who we are, opening us to bring the gifts from our past into the present with renewed understanding of our life’s purpose. Our time together will include exploration of these cycles within an environment of listening and sharing.

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