Metamorphosis: Living Thinking, Craig Holdrege

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Metamorphosis: Developing Living Thinking
A Webinar with Craig Holdrege

Plants are exemplars of living beings—they are creative, dynamic, resilient, and highly context-sensitive. By studying plants, we can learn to be more concrete, and more inwardly mobile and flexible in our mental life. Surprising as it may be, plants can become master teachers of a radical new way of seeing and interacting with the world. In this webinar we will consider a variety of phenomena from the life of flowering plants and let them lead us into more living ways of thinking.

As historian and philosopher of technology, Lewis Mumford, wrote: “Nothing will produce and effect change but the fresh transformation that has already begun in the human mind.”

“One can hardly imagine a better teacher of dynamism, connectedness, resilience, and wholeness than a plant.” — Craig Holdrege

In this new webinar with Craig Holdrege from the Nature Institute we explore the questions “How alive is our thinking?” and “How closely do we perceive the processes of transformation and metamorphosis that are fundamental to all life?”

Recorded Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Craig Holdrege, PhD, is co-founder and director of The Nature Institute in Ghent, NY ( He is deeply interested in the interconnected nature of things and how we can understand life in truly living ways as a basis for responsible human action. His studies of plants and animals, as well as his commentaries on scientific thinking and new developments in the biological sciences, aim to stimulate a transformation in human thinking and perception and a deep respect for our fellow creatures.

Craig is the author of books, monographs and many articles. His most recent books are Thinking Like a Plant: A Living Science for Life and Do Frogs Come From Tadpoles? Rethinking Origins in Development and Evolution.

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