Mani and Service [Classics_#4]

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JOURNAL FOR ANTHROPOSOPHY #78 (vol. #4 of the special editions)

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This volume is selected and introduced by Robert Sardello, PhD, co-founder of the School of Spiritual Psychology.

Rudolf Steiner was deeply aware of the spiritual tradition inspiring the act of serving. The individual known as Mani and the spiritual streams flowing from Mani – the Cathars, the Templars, and others – held the special task of spiritualizing serving itself. This series of articles, edited by Robert Sardello, gives a beginning picture of the spiritual stream of Mani that Rudolf Steiner held with such great respect. Topics include a discussion on the Mani cosmology and practices; the kind of inner capacities, inspired by this stream, that have to do with serving others; caring for the wounded soul; being able to help others while completely releasing the need for a sense of personal power in doing so; and working through the heart.

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