Supporting the Elementals conference

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Supporting the Elementals
A Half-Day Online Conference
with Bastiaan Baan, Lisa Romero & Janey Newton
Saturday May 22, 2021

The packet includes videos of the following sessions:

Welcome & Opening Comments & Drawing Exercise

Supporting Elementals Through Outer Festivals and Inner Practices ~ Lisa Romero

Through the course of the year, elemental beings have a changing, dynamic relationship to the earth and its seasons. The festivals are a coming together of elemental beings, human beings, and spiritual beings, and we acknowledge the intimately woven relationship we share. Festivals help us to recognise the connection of the earth’s being with our own being, and to deepen reverence, awe, and responsibility for the life of the earth and for our individual and shared journey. Lisa Romero will be sharing her ongoing work on deepening and developing the festivals as a conscious support for elemental beings and their important role in climate change and the world's health.

Biography Work Interludes ~ Janey Newton

We human beings are continually having experiences with the elementals.  For many of us there are brief moments when we become aware of these encounters.  Together we will dip into our own biographies in order to recall and share some of those moments.  The speaking of and listening to one another’s stories can bring forth a deeper understanding of the work and qualities of the elementals. MATERIALS NEEDED: Unlined paper and crayons/colored pencils.

Dialogue with Nature ~ Bastiaan Baan

We will work with a simple form of plant observation. Therefore, each participant needs a flower or a blooming plant. After this basic exercise, Bastiaan Baan will introduce next steps in developing a relationship with the realm of life forces in nature. This method begins with sense perception and leads eventually to a spiritual dialogue with nature. MATERIALS NEEDED: A flower or a blooming plant. 

Closing Panel

BASTIAAN BAAN was born in The Netherlands in 1949 and worked as a teacher in Gandhi Schools in India and a school for drop-out children in Los Angeles, before he became a Waldorf teacher. Since 1981, he worked as a priest of The Christian Community and a seminary teacher in The Netherlands, North America and Germany.

LISA ROMERO is an author of inner development books, a complementary health practitioner and an adult educator who has been offering healthcare and education enriched with anthroposophy since 1993. From 2006 the primary focus of her work has been on teaching inner development and anthroposophical meditation. Lisa’s capacity to deliver esoteric wisdom with insight and understanding allows her to meet the diverse needs of a range of communities and professions. Essentially, her work springs from the inner work, meditation and exercises, together with a dedication to the path of unfolding consciousness.

JANEY NEWTON is currently the co-owner of Foxhollow Farm, a 1300 acre biodynamic farm located just north of Louisville, KY. In 2006 she spearheaded the conversion of her family’s conventional grain farm into a biodynamic farm community that produces grass-fed beef, chickens, vegetables, flowers and herbs.  Her mission has always been to bring health to the earth in her care. Janey has been trained as a biography worker through the Center of Biography and the Social Arts and is a co-founder of the Waldorf School of Louisville which is turning 29 this year!

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