Novalis [Classics #6]

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JOURNAL FOR ANTHROPOSOPHY #80 (vol. #6 of the "Classics")

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Novalis, edited with an introduction by Donald Melcer, PhD, professsor emeritus at Michigan State University, a clinical psychologist and marriage and family therapist. He coordinates the anthroposophical foundation studies at the Austin (Texas) Waldorf School.

This issue is an invitation for you to read what Rudolf Steiner and authors with anthroposophical backgrounds have to say about the poet-philosopher-scientist Novalis. Rudolf Steiner observed that reading Novalis’ work provides heartfelt knowledge of the heavenly splendor that exists within even the simplest of material things. Such an appreciation of everything of the earth and the secrets they contain will open the way for each of us to be true servants of the Michael Thought, “worthy helpers of what has now to enter Earth-evolution through anthroposophy.”

Included in this volume are:

  1. Rudolf Steiner, “Rudolf Steiner’s Last Address”
  2. Stephen Spitalny, “Who is John and Why are Fairy Tales so often Named After Him?”
  3. Lona Truding, “Novalis: Spirit of a New Age”
  4. Albert Steffen, “Novalis: Herald and Forerunner (I & II)”
  5. Novalis, “From Christianity or Europe, Excerpts from the Last Portion of the Essay”
  6. Albert Steffen, “Novalis: Herald and Forerunner (III & IV)”
  7. Novalis, “The Blue Flower”
  8. Christopher Bamford, “Novalis and the Easter Thought”
  9. Novalis, “Selected Fragments”
  10. Bruce Donehower, “What is Magical Idealism?”
  11. Arthur Zajonc, “An Aeolian Harp: Nature and Novalis’ Science”
  12. Novalis, “From Fragments”
  13. Novalis, “Hymns to the Night, I, II, III”

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