Christmas Conference at 100

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A Harmony of Hearts:Christmas Conference at 100

This 2023-2024 Holy Nights offering celebrated 100 years of anthroposophy in the world, as defined by the Christmas Conference for the Foundation of the General Anthroposophical Society, 1923/24, during which time Rudolf Steiner took on the presidency of the Society, established an executive council, and introduced various sections and leaders of the School for Spiritual Science. Here in the US, the ASA celebrated with a Harmony of Hearts: The Christmas Conference at 100, which we aligned to the dates of the original Conference (December 24 to January 1).

This series includes:
Zoom recordings from our live Solstice and Epiphany Sessions. Additionally, you will get access to nine thematic PDFs commemorating and celebrating each day of the Christmas Conference December 24 - January 1. Each of the thematic PDFs includes a video from a representative of various sections of the School for Spiritual Science.

December 24 ~ with Bruce Donehower of the Literary Arts Section
December 25 ~ with Rudiger Janisch of the General Anthroposophical Society
December 26  ~ with Frank Agrama of the the North American Youth Section
December 27 ~  with Jennifer Greene of the Natural Science Section
December 28 ~ with Sea-Anna Vasilas of the Performing Arts Section
December 29  ~ with Frances Vig of the Pedagogical Section
December 30 ~ with Alex Tuchman of the Agricultural Section
December 31 ~ Christine Burke & Douglas Wylie of the Social Science Section
January 1 ~ Laura Summer of the Visual Arts Section

Dec 24-Jan 1 Eurythmy offered by Brigida Baldszun (Eastern Region), Mary Ruud (Central Region), and Alice Stamm (Western Region)
December 24 Eurythmy and speech offered by Barbara Richardson and Mark Levene
January 6 Eurythmy and speech offered by Alice Stamm and Margit Ilgen

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