Truth, Beauty & Goodness: Holy Nights 2022-2023

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The Holy Nights represent a time outside of regular time when we cross the bridge into the new year, renewing our commitment to the wisdom and richness of our inner life. It is a time to find strength and inspiration for the coming year. The Anthroposophical Society in America offers this program to guide you with intention, and in community, through a contemplative and nourishing space.

This video series focuses on a sequence of images of the Madonna, created and ordered in 1908 by Rudolf Steiner, that serve as a healing impulse for the soul. These images were first used in a clinical setting for patients to relieve stress and strain on the etheric and astral bodies. This series is arranged in a specific sequence of 15 images and is comprised of works by Renaissance artists Raphael, Michelangelo, and Donatello. 

This packet includes 13 15-minute-long videos contemplating each of the images of the Madonna Series over the Holy Nights 2022–2023, along with an introductory lecture from Brian Gray and a culminating Epiphany sharing from Orland Bishop. The 15-minute-long videos are structured in the following sequence: a 5 minute contemplation offered by a voice of the community, 5 minutes of quiet contemplation, 5 minutes of "I Think Speech" led by a eurythmist. 

This gathering was offered for free, however, you are welcome to make a donation to support the development of future program offerings.
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