Anthroposophy & Imagination

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Anthroposophy & Imagination


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This volume is selected and introduced by poet  Kate Farrell, whose books include Art & Wonder: An Illustrated Anthology of Visionary Poetry, and Time's River: The Voyage of Life in Art and Poetry.

In what way is imagination true? And what does it do for us? Throughout this collection is the sense that true imagination, unlike mere fantasy, is a more- than-rational way of knowing. It is a natural bridge between matter and spirit, and a transformative state and stage of consciousness open to us all.

In the volume’s introductory essay, poet Kate Farrell reflects on the mystery of imagination and looks at reading as a life-changing imaginative activity. Ms. Farrell’s introduction was selected to be included in The Best American Spiritual Writing 2007, published by Houghton Mifflin.


Kate Farrell — Introduction
Arthur G. Zajonc — Science and Poetry: Goethe's Synthesis
Gertrude Reif Hughes — Emerson's Epistemology with Glances at Rudolf Steiner
John Wulsin — Emerson's Demanding Optimism
Christopher Bamford — Novalis and the Easter Thought
Andrew J. Welburn — Yeats, The Rosicrucians and Rudolf Steiner
Jacques Lusseyran — From Et La Lumiere Fut
Nathan Lyons — Word Wisdom
George O'Neil — A Voice of Anthroposophy
Marton Radkai — An Interview with Andrei Tarkovsky
Georg Kuehlewind — Love and Fear
Nick Lyons — Search for a Still Point: Humboldt's Gift
Michael Lipson — Psychoanalysis and Anthroposophy
Owen Barfield — Philology and the Incarnation


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