Science & Anthroposophy

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Science & Anthroposophy


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Science & Anthroposophy is edited and introduced by the distinguished physicist and former general secretary of the US Anthroposophical Society Arthur Zajonc, PhD. From the introduction:

In 1925, the philosopher Alfred North Whitehead wrote, “When we consider what religion is for mankind, and what science is, it is no exaggeration to say that the future course of history depends upon the decision of this generation as to the relations between them.” One of the great accomplishments of Rudolf Steiner’s lifework was to offer an entirely different solution for the perennial conflict between science and religion, one that advanced a cognitively oriented, contemplative spirituality as a bridge between two realms of human life otherwise separated from each other… The discoveries of science from quantum physics and relativity theory to neuroscience and biotechnology all beckon. They wait for those who will master these disciplines, internalizing the discoveries of each field, and simultaneously steep themselves in the meditative practices of anthroposophy. Then can the Gods change stones into bread, dead knowledge into healing spiritual wisdom.


Arthur Zajonc — Introduction: Science and Anthroposophy
Ehrenfried Pfeiffer — A New Concept of Life
Wilhelm Pelikan — Archetypal Relations Between Plant and Man
G. A. M. Knapp — Spirit in Matter: The Research Work of L. Kolisko
Theodor Schwenk — The Spirit in Water and the Spirit in Man
Theodor Schwenk — New Methods for the Testing and Improvement of Drinking Water
Michael Wilson — Goethe’s Concept of Darkness
Howard Pautz — There’s Something about Peach Blossoms
Nicanor Perlas — Biotechnology and Anthroposophy
Marjorie Spock with Mary Richards — Rachel Carson: A Portrait
Hermann Poppelbaum — The Dignity of the Earth


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