Awakening to Community - 100 Years

Type: Webinar


In the months after the fire, Rudolf Steiner continued his work seemingly uninterrupted. From January through March of 1923, he gave a series of lectures in Dornach and Stuttgart that have been collected under the title of Awakening to Community. These lectures provide a solid foundation for understanding anthroposophical community building and offer the possibility of creating a bridge from the tragedy of New Year's Eve 1922 to the spiritual deed of the Holy Nights 1923-1924. As we welcome in our centenary year, we would like to share with you the recordings of Steiner's lecture series, Awakening in Community, exactly 100 years after Steiner gave those lectures. We offer this in hopes of re-enlivening the words and helping us each, in our own way, to Awaken to Community.

This event includes the ten lectures Steiner gave under the name "Awakening to Community." They were read by general and regional council members and released 100 years to the day after Steiner gave each lecture. 

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