Awakening to the Word: The Gospel of John

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Awakening to the Word: The Gospel of John
A Summer Study & Read-Along

This Gospel is not a textbook but a force that can work within our souls.
~Rudolf Steiner on the Gospel of John

Throughout his teachings, Rudolf Steiner repeatedly encourages students to take up a study of the Gospel of John. We will work with the lecture series on the Gospel of John given by Rudolf Steiner in Hamburg in 1908 (CW 103). It consists of 12 lectures delivered over May 18 – 31, 1908.

In the summer of 2023, course participants read the lectures over consecutive summer weekends and then listened to audio recordings from ASA staff and community readers that were sent out the following Monday. 

This file includes audio recordings of these 12 audio recordings, a video recording of the course opening, and severl bonus resources.


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