Creating a Journal for the ‘Holy Nights’

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Holy Nights Journal

with Mary Stewart Adams & Patricia DeLisa

webinar recorded December 20, 2017

“Every year has a new countenance, and it is up to us to behold and to understand it.” Karl Konig 

Thank you for joining us to learn about this enriching, contemplative holiday practice of creating a Holy Nights Journal. 

The rhythmic practice of reviewing one’s life experience and assessing one’s future aims takes on a particular potency during the holy nights, which is why a journal structured in harmony with starry worlds is essential.

Mary and Patricia have worked for many years researching the relationship between the constellations of the zodiac, the Twelve Virtues, the New Images of the Zodiac, and the Holy Nights, through workshops and artistic design both within and beyond the Anthroposophical Community. This work is inspired by historical accounts that Rudolf Steiner suggested that artists recreate the new images of the zodiac from the Calendar of the Soul each year during the holy nights, as though it were the weaving of a basket into which the spiritual fruits ripening in the new year could be gathered.

Along with video and audio recordings, a PDFof the slides is provided and a PDF of further resources:
an image showing all of the New Images of the Zodiac;
the dates for the sidereal zodiac;
an explanation of the process rooted in the tropical zodiac;
the corresponding colors and body parts;
and instructions/sources for making beeswax candles as your Holy Nights activity.

Participants are encouraged to have colored pencils and a journal for the workshop.

This webinar fee is $5. Please consider a $10 donation to support future  webinars. Thank you!

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